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The purpose of the edition of our scientific-practical and theoretical journal – to draw the attention of the scientific community, practitioners and young scientists to the problems of sustainable innovative and safe development of our country, its regions and economic entities.

Since December 1, 2015, the journal has been included in the list of HAC leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, in which should be published the main scientific results of the thesis for the degree of Doctor of Science and the degree of Candidate of Science.

Innovation in development concerns all areas of management and economics, it requires the development of new scientific approaches, updating and expanding the methodological tools, and the effectiveness of practical implementation. We hope for an active discussion of these problems on the pages of our journal.

The journal is published since 2011, its rating is increasing. For publication in the journal four regular columns are open:

  • The economics of innovation
  • Regional economy
  • Finance. Taxes
  • Accounting. Analysis. Control
  • Economic security

If there is an interesting material about past scientific events, feedback from scientists about new monographic literature and textbooks, problems and innovations in the field of education in selected issues of the journal, we open additional columns.

  • Scientific life
  • Innovation in education

The journal published and continue to publish articles not only domestic but also foreign authors from China, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Kazakhstan and other countries.

Dear colleagues, we invite you for cooperation, hope to see your among the publications of our journal!