Regulations on reviewing

Approved by

the decision of the editorial board of the journal

"Innovative development of economy"


Regulations on reviewing of scientific articles,

published in the journal

Innovative development of economy

  1. The article is accepted for consideration subject to meeting the requirements posted on the journal's website in the "Ethics and publishing conditions".

  2. All materials must be of an open nature.

  3. To the editorial office of the journal, an e-mail is sent: a cover letter, a copy of the article subtracted by the author (co-authors), information about the author (s), a cover letter with the request to post an article in one of the headings (indicate which) the journal, abstract (in Russian and English), key words (in Russian and English). E-mail of the journal:

  4. Received article from the author (authors) is registered and sent to a member of the editorial board, supervising the relevant scientific direction. By the decision of the chief editor the article may be directed to external review by the reviewer. The article is sent to the reviewer without the author's surname. The author is also not informed who is the reviewer of his article.

  5. The reviewer reviews the received article within ten days of receipt, after which the reviewer gives one of three recommendations:
    - recommend an article for publication;
    - recommend the article for publication after revision of comments by the reviewer;
    - do not recommend an article for publication with an indication of the reason for this decision.

  6. The article sent by the author to the editorial office after elimination of comments is considered in the general order.

  7. When reviewing articles, attention is drawn to the relevance of the scientific problem being solved by the author or the problem statement for scientific discussion. In the review, the article can be characterized in terms of the theoretical and / or applied significance of the study and the personal contribution of the author.

  8. All sent for publication articles are checked by the system "Antiplagiat". Articles that have the originality of the author's text less than 90% is not allowed to the publication.

  9. The editorial board reviews the recommendations and manuscripts received from the reviewers of the submitted articles and decides whether to place the publication in one of the next issues of the journal.

  10. Not accepted for publication articles are not returned to the author. To the author is sent a motivated refusal or a copy of the reviewer's recommendation.

  11. All reviewers are recognized experts in the field of published materials, have their own publications, corresponding to the scientific focus of the journal. The reviews are kept in the publishing house for 5 years.

  12. Upon request, the editors have the right to send copies of their reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.